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Finally got to use my essential oil diffuser from Tides Lifestyle! I love everything about it. From the packaging, the basic essential oils guide plus a built in Bluetooth speaker. Highly recommended for Titas like me!
Paula Bosque
I love their customer service. Superior product and sincere customer service! I am right to trust this brand. Hard working and reliable diffusers (got the Atlas and Cloud) and good quality oils that are now part of our lifestyle.
Dian Yu
Bought essential oils, the Bluetooth Diffuser and Cloud Diffuser. "Cute!"
Joanne Heather
Oils are great. Your diffusers work so well. Shocks I bought so much from you!
Aliza Apostol
I intentionally waited for a week to get results using your oils. I like that your oils doesn't feel too "oily" and sticky at all. The miracle serum gave a bit of life to my face. I like how it gave me glowing skin upon waking up in the morning.
Jen Elize
The Vitality Body Oil helped me with my cancer treatments. Before even pain relievers can do nothing but after being recommended by another I tried it as a massage oil and it relieves me and makes me have good sleep more then ever.
Cristina Santos