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Copaiba Essential Oil
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The Copaiba tree grows in the rainforests of Brazil. It grows for up to 90 feet in height and has small white flowers. Only the oleoresins are extracted from the tree by tapping or drilling a hole into the tree. The resin is then steam distilled to make essential oils. The copaiba essential oils is used for medicinal purposes by the indigenous people of the Amazon. Its oil is colorless to light brown with a soft, sweet, earthy, resinous aroma.

Anagesic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, astringent, stimulant. Used for bronchitis, sore throat. Varicose veins, athletes foot.

Blends Well With:
Blends well with benzoin, black pepper, camomile, geranium, elemi, eucalyptus, juniperberry, lavender, lemon, orange, sandalwood, palmarosa, ylang ylang,

No known contradictions.

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Copaiba Essential Oil

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