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Best Trio Set
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What better way to jumpstart your natural skincare progress with our best trio set. This set contains our very own creations that are crafted to promote optimum health and wellness. They have been receiving rave reviews since its release which is why we opted to focus on these three body and face oils/serums. There simply is no need for other products. The set includes the Goddess Body Oil, Vitality Body Oil and the Miracle Face & Neck Serum in our Tides Lifestyle classic black & white gift box.

It includes:

  • 50ml bottle of the Vitality Body Oil which is good for reducing and preventing cellulites and promotes overall health and vitality.
  • 50ml bottle of the Goddess Body Oil which has a captivating floral fragrance and is known to help ease anxiety, relieve stress and promote hormonal balance particularly in women.
  • 50ml Miracle Face & Neck Serum is a premium blend of exquisite oils that hydrate skin, minimize fine lines and pore-size and is known to fight premature skin aging.

Our body oils and face serums only contain pure, plant-based oils and essences using age-old secrets while utilizing modern technology to ensure their potency and efficiency.

Please take note that pregnant, nursing women should avoid using the Goddess and Miracle Serum. Always conduct skin patch test since natural products may cause allergies and always consult your doctor. These oils are potent and pure, therapeutic grade and should not be ingested.

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Best Trio Set


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