New Year, New Tides


We would often hear this familiar theme whenever January comes knocking. Almost everyone will be making new resolutions to replace the old.Those that are unkempt and unrequited.

However, I personally gave up making resolutions. Often, I feel like I am simply setting myself up to a false pretence that I can achieve something if I stick to it long enough. Then, only to watch it fail along the way.

As a person, I believe that we tend to be besotted with the whole grandeur and promise of what resolutions should be. That it should be monumental, life changing, and should define or lead us to our ideal self or ideal situation in which we would like to see ourselves in.

 So yes, for this year I have decided not to make any resolutions.

Instead, I had promised myself to make simple acts of change and to do my best to make it consistent. While it is a long and tough process I know that there is no short cuts to finding a better version of myself. Even if it means that I might go off track. That sometimes I might make mistakes and that is okay.

I also believe that in this fast-paced world, it is okay to make small changes. For example, in 2019 I promise not use plastic straws whenever I eat out because I care for the environment. I also challenged myself to take part in a 10k race because I love the feeling of adrenaline whenever I gauge myself against other runners.

Most importantly, I promise to be kinder, more patient and more resilient to face any daunting challenges ahead. To continuously surround myself with people who can lift me up, rather than drag me down.

For 2019, my promise to you, here at Tides Lifestyle, is that we will bring you a whole array of new products, content and events that focuses on finding the best version of YOU. Your life, your health, your wealth and ultimately your happiness- because your happiness is ours too. Thank you for a wonderful 2018 and here’s to the best version of you this 2019.