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Introducing Tides Summer Collection

Are you ready for summer? We got you ladies! We have tons of bikinis you can choose from to get that beach bod on the way for that Instagram worthy pose.

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You don't have to worry about quality because we got you. We an assortment of summer wear to choose from.

You can now relax because we will take care of everything else.

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Italian Lemon

Evergreen with highly fragrant flowers and yellow fruit whose fresh ripe fruit is harvested and the rind steam distilled.

Php 500

Our Lavender essential oil is colorless to pale yellow tinged liquid with a fresh, soft, floral, slightly herbaceous aroma.

Php 500
Sweet Orange

Contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which is widely used in perfumery and an assortment of industries.

Php 500
Tea Tree

A bushy tree native to Australia with long branches and twigs, small narrow leaves and white cotton-puff flowers.

Php 500

What our customers say

Tides Lifestyle offer you the best products to suit your needs.

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Dian Yu

I love their customer service. Superior product and sincere customer service! I am right to trust this brand. Hard working and reliable diffusers (got the Atlas and Cloud) and good quality oils that are now part of our lifestyle.

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Paula Bosque

Finally got to use my essential oil diffuser from Tides Lifestyle! I love everything about it. From the packaging, the basic essential oils guide plus a built in Bluetooth speaker. Highly recommended for Titas like me!

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Cristina Santos

The Vitality Body Oil helped me with my cancer treatments. Before even pain relievers can do nothing but after being recommended by another I tried it as a massage oil and it relieves me and makes me have good sleep more then ever.